2001 The Podcast
Episode 29

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Digimortal by Fear Factory

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Dan Berget another High School AV buddy and now works with Amazon - behind the scenes of Amazon deliveries - cameras on everything, Emulator talk - StreetfighterCast, Satoru IwataCast - Graphing CalculatorCast, American School systemCast - changing your own oil just ain’t worth it - Jason Mewes: secret weapon - Theater actor appreciation, LadybirdCast - AfflekCast, Cop Out talk, Red State Appreciation - the zippy Fiesta ST - our favorite Kevin Smith flicks, talking comic book movies - movies about movies, DC Daily talk - the glory days of digital piracy, gettin' clickbaited - DVX talk, we miss internet forums (they still exist, but you know what we mean) - Mark HamillCast, John Williams is the greatest - Jurassic ParkCast, dropping those Entrapment references - James Bond talk - being a sucker for a well placed fart joke - CameoCast - hanging out in the Grip Jungle, trying to avoid making onto Shitty Rigs - Laguna BeachCast, guilty pleasure shows - Roman CoppolaCast - Joseph D Reitman talk - just missing the Jamie Kennedy Experiment window - Mark HamillCast 2, sleeping through the original Star Wars in the theater - Jay & Silent Bob: one of the first cinematic universes? - counting fucks, Narc talk - Fear Factory talk, Terminator 3 appreciation - O-O-O-O’Reeeiiiillllllyyyy - buying albums back in the day was risky business - elite hacking to industrial music

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