2001 The Podcast
Episode 46

Memento and Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Sergio Maggi - Editor - thespian resume talk - Rock talk, ending the Memento release date debate - putting your head up your ass in a good way - the golden age of DVD packaging - how long is a movie, anyway? - OG Lion King appreciation - everyone forgot about Insomnia - it’s about damn time for Stunt Oscars - Wally Pfister appreciation, remembering Transcendence - Carrie-Anne Moss, Nolan loves intense blue-eyed brunettes - Joey Pants appreciation - Alex coins the Nolan Perception Trilogy - shitty motels in the valley are cool now - most of LA kinda looks like ass - Joey Pants and Guy Pierce hairCast - CarCast, British Racing Green Jaguars only please - plugging a movie premiere twitter account that is now suspended - The famous Justin and Britney denim outfits, Mark Boone Jr talk - the barista uniform, talking tattooos, pitching Memento spinoffs - Joyce/Winona Ryder appreciation, shopliftingCast - everything is gonna be fine - handwritingCast, Oceans movies talk - when your movie needs a lazerbutt - dropping Leibovitz references - Harmony Korine appreciation - Jimmy Eat World talk - Blink 182 un-appreciation, Dads who love The Beatles - cool album covers - are you from the Berenstein or Berenstain universe? - Jimmy Eat World music video talk - throwing some Journey shade, pondering the death of the influencer

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