2001 The Podcast
Episode 36

Monkeybone and American Hi-Fi

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Jete Blum - Post Production - adventures at the all-day arcade, theater hopping - PinballCast, bars have discovered that millenials like video games - Are bars even funCast, drunk DDR - ArcadeCast, Time Crisis, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Cruis’n USA - flexing with a valet at IHOP - reminiscing about the golden age of theater hopping - Ong Bak, rethinking knees to the face - Monkeybone: thrift store treasure - Everything is Terrible appreciation, the Jerry Maguire Store - Streaming Scheming, A Goofy Movie appreciation, Powerlinetalk - RIP Ultraviolet, iTunes being stingy - Thomas Haden ChurchCast, Hellboy 2019 tepid appreciation - Rotten Tomatoes update: still garbage - Henry Selick talk - hitting the ground running (with a boner) - solving the Yellow riddle, 15k and you can roll in a Karmann Ghia too - Selick and Burton, a perfect match - Mark Ryden appreciation - a surprising dearth of soul patches in 2001 - Mystery Men talk, PodcastCast - Themepark talk, dreading Galaxy’s Edge, DisneylandCast general - we anticipate the return of Brandon Frasier - Creep-off: children’s screams vs nightmares - remembering MTV Cribs - just kidding, MTV Cribs is still happening - Snapchat Discovery: the dregs of social media - Chris Kattan, performance of the year? wearing people’s skin talk - Andrew DunnCast, reminiscing about the big budget comedy - LayoverCast, contemplating air balloons - talking Optometrists, Forbidden ZoneCast - Giancarlo Esposito appreciation once again - we talk American HiFi, Blink 182Cast - music festival woes, RIP Warped Tour - Stacy Jones, Wade Robinson appreciation - American Hifi music video talk - Heavy Metal Parking LotCast, Chris Applebaum appreciation - film set woes, all hands on deck! Grips are awesome, hire them - Manual LaborCast, CarCast - Patton Oswalt and Jonathan Van Ness appreciation - corn dog talk, DisneylandCast 2, Patreon talk - vauge memories of Pam Anderson’s VIP, CrackleCast - Macaully Culkin deep cuts

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