2001 The Podcast
Episode 34

Monsters, Inc. and Miss E... So Addictive by Missy Elliott

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Patrick Maxwell - Assistant Editor / Post Production Supervisor - 2001 The Podcast Origin Stories - putting a theater inside a Dave & Busters - lots of hands in the Pixar bucket, Pete Docter talk - CG animation talk, Pixar history - 90’s kids movie plot breakdowns - the first Pixar Disney castle - Toy Story 4 thoughts - AlladdinCast, Sonic the Hedgehog leaks - come back to us Will Smith - we’re in the Disney+ Endgame now - Inverted ET, sneaking your exposition in, Voice CastingCast - Mike Wazowski Carcast, talking fur - one time Richard saw real life Boo at a Denny’s in Reseda - Monsters Inc, Point Break, and Fast & the Furious: basically the same - Jurassic ParkCast, Pixar Appreciation - long live Elmo the cat, - Sully and Mike’s tight 5 - past and future guest Max’s bachelor party, Comedy StoreCast - crying during the Blue Umbrella, talking Pixar Shorts - teasing the ShrekCast - Missy Elliot talk, Timbaland appreciation - Ludacris appreciation, Missy Elliot videotalk - deep video editing talk

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