2001 The Podcast
Episode 13

Mulholland Drive and In Search Of by NERD

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Mykee Del Mundo - Director/Cinematographer - CSUN vs Fullsail - our Mulholland Drive first times - would anyone watch Hereditary twice? - Yorgos LanthimosCast - one weird trick, narrative order HATES this - Naomi Watts, we love you, come on the show - Nicole Kidman, and how many Australians can audiences handle at once? - chunky camerawork, pushing stock, throwing crossfades like no one’s business - basically, strap in for a LOT of camera talk - the worst thing about Heat (is not Al Pacino’s screaming) - Eraserhead & The Shining, Robocoptalk - Carcrashes & explosions, we miss them - David Lynch kicks Richard’s ass - movies about making movies - someone tell us what the cowboy is about - Requiem for a Dream talk - no one worry about Billy Ray Cyrus - Neon Demon extended universe, dicey movie recommendations - Paul VerhovoenCast - the French are way cooler about the arts - films students, don’t watch this one just yet - if you do though, email Mykee if your film professor gives you an F - N.E.R.D. talk - In Search Of is #consenty - when did Randy Quaid lose his mind? - Parent TrapCast, Randy Quaid is a handsome man, RIP Lindsay Lohan - John WuCast - RealPlayer talk - inaugural Creed Cuts, First things Durst back to back - M Night ShyamalanCast - Will fixes Rotten Tomatoes again - Panos CosmatosCast - Mykee gives a MegaRecomendation for The Tribe Talk - how to pirate Jurassic World and get away with it in court

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