2001 The Podcast
Episode 56

Not Another Teen Movie and Oh, Inverted World by The Shins

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Tim O'Banion - Editor with Amazon - movie marathons - Galeophobia talk (that’s fear of sharks) - seeing adult movies as not yet an adult - going in cold - the timelessness of poop jokes - Joel Gallen resumeCast - Blizzcon - Pro GamerCast - sorry we can’t pronounce your name - Cer - shouts out to ourselves - glasses and ponytails can’t fool us - Russell Casse survived - endless parodies - CarCast - soundtrack talk - Sixpence None the Richer talk - Jaime Pressly appreciation - Not Another Teen Movie is not another teen movie - Sam Levine appreciation - Aquaman (Entourage edition) - FashionCast - getting your Chris Kline on - big poop set pieces - Cerina Vincent ResumeCast - talking parody movies - phantom Smashmouth - Melissa Joan HartCast - Salem the Cat: funny - TGIFCast - the deceitful Step by Step intro - Jesse Frederick talk - John H Benjamin talk - It’s David Dunn (and it’s ‘The Overseer’) - PaintingCast - Art School Confidential talk
- dropping Terminator: Dark Fate spoilers - Edward FurlongCast - Figuring out what Randy Quaid is up to - Samaire ArmstrongCast - the Eras of Shia LeBouf, and also Frankie Muniz - Just My Luck talk - sunday morning thrift runs - LAX Update: still sucks - copypasting Disneyland and LAX - it’s actually 85,000 people - The Art of Self Defense talk - talking The Shins - Thank you Garden State - deciphering Pop subgenres - deciphering The Shins lyrics - sometimes you just want something to be cool - Lance Bangs talk - all roads lead to Sacramento - avoiding dad fashion - trying to not be embarassing - Office Ladies podcast shouts out - music video talk - Apple un-appreciation - where did Indie Rock come from? - My Chemical Romance returns


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