2001 The Podcast
Episode 64

Planet of the Apes and Rocksteady by No Doubt

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Maggie Huddleston - Recorded before COVID-19 lockdowns - Richard insists he is not good at hosting and is forced to host anyway and does a terrible job exactly like he warned he would - Maggie Huddleston (not Olbrich!) Therapist and long time friend of Richard’s - Maggie & Richard origin stories - Tim Burton & Rick Baker talk - making sure the Apes are hot - practical effects appreciation - Cats: we wonder why - ChimpanzeeCast - Mark WahlbergCast - an Ed Wood close call - deciphering the plot - hot BABES of 2001 - A Knight’s Tale talk - getting caught up in Crossfire! - figuring out how Ape society works - Tim Roth appreciation - deciphering the ending - Ape Henry Ford & Aperaham Lincoln - space politics, ape politics, no thank you - a clear Wilhelm scream - sick Ape Fu - Neon Demon commentary commentary - Fox un-appreciation - who would ever want to be an executive? - Beach Bum talk - No Doubt: Rocksteady talk - Gwen Stefani, too cool for school and her band - hellaCast - hanging out with Gwen and Tony in the U2 pit - wearing the band shirt to the band show - MetalCast - David Meyers strikes again - everyone is bored making their own music now - No Doubt meets Waterworld - Mark Romanek appreciation - Sophie Muller talk - The Dave, The Chad, Boomer and The Dave - Gwen Stefani, come back - we got Bush if you want it - how to make your future movie future proof - DisneyDorksCast - Rise of the Resistance talk - not today, Corona virus


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