2001 The Podcast
Episode 33

Rat Race and The Days Of The Phoenix E.P. by AFI

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Aaron Blum - Trailer Editor - apparently Will goes to parties - talking pottery - Hey Hollywood, let Jerry Zucker out of movie jail - the crazy stacked cast of Rat Race, the ultimate cable movie - Starz - hook us up - remembering when Neo Nazis weren’t real - Mr BeanCast, cockdoggies - is narcolepsy funny? - Cuba Gooding Jr cinematic universe, putting in work in 2001 - Vince VielufCast, Joey KernCast - we contemplate the tongue piercing - the Seth Green Extended Universe, stunt talk - becoming the Las Vegas Hawaiin Shirt guy - in defense of Peggy Bundy, Married with ChildrenCast - the birth of the ‘Prairie Dogging it’ and ‘Thats What She Said’ - CrocTalk, when was the last time you grubbed? - John Cleese vs the Meteor - Amy Smart, Topanga Canyon native - road trip math, we do it - that cow puppet, Thomas E Ackerman fucks - talking to people in helicopters - Guinness World Record show appreciation, tv show tapings - Sean Kent, the black sheep of the Superman family - Rat Race, a masterclass of set up and payoff - cell phones ruin another premise in 2019 - world record road tripping, Cannonball Run talk - Good guy Google maps, Computer Legos, Tetris talk - Parie Dogging Redux, The Office talk - do smart phones ruin plots now? - The Barbie Musuem, Red Camera’s aggressive marketing - I Love the many Lucy’s - Andy Breckman appreciation (no one feel bad for him) - Smashmouth is having the best year ever - Far and AwayCast - AFI: Days of the Phoenix EP talk, music video breakdowns - Emailing directors, Petaluma CA talk - the good ol days of local band shows - the economics of keeping a punk venue open - my AFI, your AFI, their AFI - Gaslight Anthem appreciation - The Offspring: Don Cuco’s - controversial bullet trains 

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