2001 The Podcast
Episode 59

Rock Star and Escape by Enrique Iglesias

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - David Keith Greyson - Actor / Director - moletalk, right at the top - the #1 Enrique - Enrique Iglesias, a real man - a lil thank you for the fans - we’re bi now, if you haven’t noticed - contemplating our prom queens and kings - the band can’t hear you, sorry - Walk Hard appreciation - and yet the biopic lives on - mini OfficeCast - The Open Book shouts out - pitching new edits - getting our Verve and Pipes mixed up - carCast - making the Yesterday Rockstar connection - never not cars in LA - people taking tumbles - FraiserCast - big wet loud 90’s smooches - making the Rockstar Mrs. Doubtfire connection - reminiscing about the heroin days - money comes, money goes - invest in your own island - we find the life lessons - who just starts Irish step dancing? - Entourage to Silicon Valley to Ballers - Stephan JenkinsCast - Enrique Iglesias talk - making out with Anna Kournikova - sexy ghosts - Joseph Khan & Dave Meyers talk - should we should worry about Marilyn Manson? - too rich to be dangerous - stand up comedy talk - amendums and addendums


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