2001 The Podcast
Episode 39

Rush Hour 2

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Guest - Teddy Franklin - Hiphop Artist - This is part 1 of 2, because there was way too much for just one episode - The album review will be out next week - the long road to Rush Hour 2 - We Hate Movies vs We Love Movies - making a movie update: still hard - Brett RatnerCast - Malcom in the Middle secrets revealed in widescreen - sometimes you gotta blood bag it - Ratner FilmographyCast, After the Sunset: slick but bland? - Michael BayCast, Bumblebee appreciation - Mark Wahlberg talk, Gerard Butler talk - gigantic movie apartments, Brett Ratner music video talk - shunning Rush Hour 3, sorry to our Chinese listeners - DigitalRev appreciation, wearing your jeans to the gym - Matthew Leonetti appreciation - Strange DaysCast - Will’s True Lies BluRay conspiracy theory - Congrats Max & Lena! Jewish wedding tips and tricks - colored VHS cassettes, the brilliant Simpsons Banksy intro - Lights Out is scary, Neon Demon is nuts - 45 minutes in and we’re still not talking about Rush Hour 2 - Jackie Chan filmography talk - explosion assessments, no asian joke left behind - Aussies and Brits crushing the American accent - Peep ShowCast - POV camera talk, Chris Tucker is trying to get it - New York talk, Chris Tucker appreciation - the advantages of directing your own sex tape - the art of picking out the right karaoke songs, the art of running on camera - some sports - it’s hard to cry in a Lamborghini - ballsy PAs - rookies on set - the crazy massage parlor fight - Windows operating system talk - Chris Tucker is ripped - Kip UpCast, Fight Scene talk general - getting around in New York city - David Portnoy you can be on the show - New York life talk - Tom WilkinsonCast - Deep Dish Pizza Mob - remembering video CDs - Sports Illustrated - yadda yadda levels, Jurisdiction talk, BMW films - Don Cheadle talk - East Bound and Down appreciation - talking early, crazy UFC, casino optical illusions - Jeremy PivenCast, CarCast, /r/catsareliquid - fickle American audience - Chris Tucker, respecter of women - the TSA experience, Flip Phone talk 

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