2001 The Podcast
Episode 44

Serendipity and Underground Network by Anti-Flag

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Kurt Nishimura - feature film editor - Peter Chelsom (sp) resumeCast - Skateboarding talk, Pro wrestlers who wrote autobiographies - Tony Hawk talk, remembering the Candy Bandits - talking Skate mixes - New York, New York everywhere - Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesCast - Glove talk, Desert talk (still sucks) - tail end of the mullet era - sharing sundaes with strangers - are American’s afraid of accents? - talking straws, scarf counting - ice skating is a dangerous game - John Cusack: Love Bandit - organic RomCom injuries - talking about them Bokeh balls - sorry Karen from the soccer game, CusackCast - Midsommar/Ari Aster tangent - naked old people and mouth sounds - Kate Beckinsale resumeCast - Dominic Senna (sp?) talk - concluding the Jeremy Piven trology - Carcast, RIP Saab & Saturn - Surprise John Mayer, talking stock footage - Hans Bierno (sp?) appreciation - you can’t put the Joker in a box - unrealistic movie apartments - Eugene Levy making money in 2001 - Molly Shannon talk, Shinai (sp?) players, get at us - big fans of gleep glops, bleep bloops - DisneylandCast, Driver’s License adventures - Leo Fitzpatrick putting in work, Molly Shannon getting wrecked - another plot ruined by social media - shouts out to Shaunna from Hope Depot carpet dept - Lars: the worst, Jeremy Piven: mouth kisser - underwear shenanigans, trespassing is ok if it’s funny - how did people stalk each other before the internet? - Rotten Tomatoes, once again dropping the ball - Anti-Flag talk - Fat Wreck Chords, remembering file sharing - Soulja Boy: marketing genius - Earthquake talk, Richard says a bunch of stuff that might or might not be scientifically accurate - the many members of Anti-Flag - Lords of ChaosCast - the crazier the band, the funnier the members - SkateboardCast II (possibly III) - remembering the skate video - BMX talk, Mountain biking - Pootie Tang is taken, so stop asking

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