2001 The Podcast
Episode 30

Shaolin Soccer and I Get Wet by Andrew W.K.

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Patrick Willems - Filmmaker and one of our favorite youtubers - Aspect ratioCast, Cinematography appreciation - talking Pain and Gain - it’s unbelievably hard to make a movie - we’re all down with heist movies - SoderberghCast, ‘real’ film camera talk, lens talk - yes, you ‘can’ shoot a movie on an iPhone - Shaolin Soccer, the best bullet time since the Matrix? - tragic over-editing of this movie, hopefully criterion can save us - this isn’t regulation soccer - Miyazaki sent Harvery Weinsten a katana - taking tropes to 100, Stephen Chow appreciation - is this the best soccer movie of all time? - The Big GreenCast, Patrick RennaCast, Baseball movie talk - there’s still no damn True Lies BluRay (or Strange Days) - Joseph KhanCast, music video talk, we miss MTV’s Making the Video - if you like the Torque BluRay, you have Will to thank - if you like The Mask of the Phantasm BluRay, you have Patrick to Thank - look, just give us some t shirts - poor Chihiro, Spielberg filming tricks - if your movie is going to be bonkers, commit fully - trying to coexist peacefully with non-movie nerds - dye packCast - endless scenes cut from this movie - destroying the dreams of 4K tv owners, resolution wars - VR is too much work - Andrew WK: I Get Wet talk - shooting things to look nice on phones, vertical music videos - Tom Cruise, a damn true hero, turning people’s frame smoothing off - It’s time to PARTY - JackassCast, our Andrew WK stories - Maximalist, euphoric metal - music video coloring, talking one-ers, NYC appreciation - Andrew WK teaching Conan O’Brien to dance - we need more Andrew WK in movies, 5 Second Films talk - Josh HartnettCast, We Heart Hartnett podcast - Will’s Jason Statham movie pitch, - Bruce Willis, come back to us

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