2001 The Podcast
Episode 21

Spirited Away and M-16 by Sodom

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Logan Williams (filmmaker and physical media enthusiast) - what is this Anime stuff anyway? - hey Cameron, you can keep Richard’s Spirited Away DVD - Justwatch.com, throw us a sponsorship - Dubs vs Subs - plugging Roma, as if they need it from us - getting in early on the Papyrus game - AudiCast - we provide shaky history lessons and financial advice - if you’re eating during this film, try and finish in the first 10-15 minutes - Hand drawn animation AppreciationCast - Meet Joe Black is the longest movie, possibly ever - Giant baby un-appreciation - Americans, stop wearing shoes in the house - Sound design appreciation - Poor Chihiro gets rocked - Happy Death Day talk, Great Gatsby talk - Breath of the Wild’s Miyazaki influences - Sodom - M16 talk - going down the metal rabbit hole (except you, black metal) - the members of Sodom have the best names - is a Soundcloud page the new garage? - M16 cover art appreciation - Apocalypse Now ReduxCast - the ultimate cover of Surfin Bird? - Some Kind of Monster talk

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