2001 The Podcast
Episode 49

Spy Game

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Steven Nicholas Smith - filmmaker - the good ol days of Youtube monetization, crushing vlogger dreams - Tony Scott appreciation & ResumeCast - Dan Mindel talk, D.I. deep dive - Brad Pitt resumeCast, being pirates on the digital seas - remembering Firewire, talking fonts, Robert Redford easter eggs - Ken Leung is in every movie, contemplating dodgy movie medicine - hospital gurney tricks, busted by bubblegum - the last job is never the last job - Robert Redford: Man - a few good old men, Michael Frost Beckner & David Arata talk - the Scotts are having a big helicopter year, aerial cinematography talk - suspicious SUPREME stickers, photographers rocking multiple bodies - Brad Pitt: photographer - shout out to the Tourist (hey, why not?) - more Tony Scott appreciation, conspiracy theories - LensCast, Casino hustling, talking surveillance - DMV mugshots, WatchCast, battery anxiety - in defense of faxes, origins of the car emoji - silhouettes are cool, watching extras - Brian the Bootmaker, watching people on youtube just do stuff - Baywatch: USA’s #1 contribution to culture - learning to love the hangout movie - c’mon Starz, hook us up, Brad Pitt appreciation 

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