2001 The Podcast
Episode 38

Spy Kids and Your Favorite Weapon by Brand New

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Klarika Huszar - Los Angeles based Creative - our one friend with all the movies - picking out our James Bonds - Learning where Sean Connery fits in our lives, Indiana JonesCast - Robert RodriguezCast, Alita: Battle Angel appreciation - Guillermo Navarro talk, Carla Gugino pronunciation struggles - Spy Kids castCast, Robert Patrick, Tony Shalhoub talk - IsuzuCast, Submarine Cars general - Vanity plates, those ‘electric car people’ (you know who you are) - New York driver unappreciation, gas prepping - AutoTempest gets a free ad, Jalopnik talk - how to save money when you have CGI hand-people in your movie - the Tomatometer audience score messes up - The shockingly expansive Home Alone extended universe, Hot OnesCast - Hey vegans, what’s up with your wings? - getting smashed on O’Doul’s, why don’t toilets talk more? - the sheer terror of rising toilet water, stranger’s toilets survival tips - Live by the bidet, die by the bidet - professionally styled Big Macs, how to style your own Big Mac - Elizabeth Avellan talk, crazy kid names - getting one’s dalliance on, shrugging it off - Alita: Battle Angel appreciation II - Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Cooking School, Film School - once you go Dual Monitors you don’t go back - Butchers: get at us, IntestineCast general - Teri Hatcher spotting, Desperate HousewivesCast - ToastCast, Michelle PfiefferCast (she definitely parties) - the uncomfortable sexuality of Batman Returns - wart plotlines with no payoff, DermatologyCast - Richard Linklater: Cool Spy - scifi culinary movie magic, AromaScope, D-Box theaters - Captain E-O talk, fucking hell with your ticket prices Disneyland - Brand New talk - the punk rock/emo beef scene, Nas vs Jay-Z, BeefCast general - when to downgrade a beef to a feud - accent talk, cutepie boys with British accents - Jude LawCast, Marvel movie ranking - when a show finally does the Clip Episode - Brand New music video talk, blasting music on your Myspace page - when your family gets on social media, it’s all over - thank you Facebook for the snooze option, no thank you for everything else - The Hard Times talk, Fred Durst: Jazz man - Lady Gaga appreciation, BTSCast - formative music listening years for your brain - talking disco house , Latino garage Rock - Eastbound and DownCast, BaseballCast, talking Summer Catch - Los Monstros shouts out, Jersey Garage Band fashion scene

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