2001 The Podcast
Episode 9

Summer Catch and Timebomb by Buckcherry

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Summer Catch and album Timebomb by Buckcherry. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- FPJ, Freddie Prince, hit us up, we have questions - 7th HeavenCast, how to film a dinner scene - Is Film School worth it?  The answer may surprise you! - Paul Thomas AndersonCast - Will DaRosa, baseball fan - you get an inner monologue, you get an inner monologue, and you get an inner monologue - AccentCast, Brittany Murphy’s Underwears - FPJ heads, where you at?  Is he hot? - Richard was team Beverly Mitchell - We earn our Explicit tag for the episode - Will comes up with a better movie (it’s not hard) - Bull DurhamCast (Kevin CostnerCast 1) - Cape Cod League, Baseball talk - For the Love of the GameCast (Kevin CostnerCast 2) - Will grades the fake baseball - Manbutt - The Coach is the MVP, missing Dadstuff - Goatees and backwards caps - Is this film really about class warfare? - John C McGinley rocks - Trouble with the CurveCast - Will cracks open the Summer Catch Extended Universe - In the Dugout with Will DaRosa™ - Flashbacks and more flashbacks, we gun for a Lids sponsorship - Ken Griffey JrCast - ConsoleCorner™ - a soft recommend as a Background Burner - Buckcherry Timebomb talk - QueefCoreCast, Roadrash talk - Woodstock ’99 was out of control - cropping your enemies out of facebook photos - Timebomb: get drunk, throw it on.

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