2001 The Podcast
Episode 27

Super Troopers and Devil's Night by D12

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Nico Pierce - LA Based Sound Mixer and Co-Host of Hip Hop Heads Anonymous - Hip Hop Heads Anonymous talk - Kanye West, dead or alive - past episode housekeeping - we all have that friend Jeff who introduced us to vulgar rap music - chill out - Youtube music - Joey Kern appreciation, Michael RosenbaumCast - Broken Lizard Breakdown, Jay Chandrasekhar’s crazy career - Rotten Tomatoes: still balls - Greta Van FleetCast - hey, remember Undeclared? Freaks and GeeksCast, Superbad - we’re still no closer to figuring out the jurisdiction mystery - WaitingCast, Matthew Irving hit us up - bike rack: police invisibility cloak - Let’s be cops (not the movie, we just want to be cops) - automobile menu overload - iPhones getting rid of every last button, Button talk general - Baby Jimmy Gaff - fake syrup, real syrup - kids sports games - the crazy German couple, CarCast - we see the jokes coming, and we still want ‘em - Reno 911Cast, Tom Lennon appreciation - menthol shaving cream burns - 2001, the year of the movie house party - FarvaCast, Frankie Muniz talk, getting Punk’d - Armchair Expert - pretending hangovers are still a thing - do the kids these days dunno about Chapelle Show? - how to fix SNL - shots fired at Adam Sandler (by our guest, just for the record) - D12 talk - is The Marshall Mathers LP the best rap album of all time? - Purple Pills/Hills music video talk, Yamborghini High - Arleta on the up and up - Los Angeles unappreciation - the complex D12 member timeline - hiding from the mumble rappers - or, is Liquid Swords by GZA the best rap album of all time? - Roger Ebert was a sensible dude - Eminem, Everlast & Fred Durst, beef breakdown - FyreFest shenanigans, dueling documentaries - Yelawolf, xxtensaion talk - if it’s not in a Fortnite video, it doesn’t exist

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