2001 The Podcast
Episode 15

Tape and All Killer No Filler by Sum 41

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Mike LaRosa - The La Rosa Da Rosa connection - Richard LinklaterCast - Mike’s friend Nick knows his flicks - Steven SoderberghCast - Maryse AlbertiCast - Ethan Hawke Stone Colding beers - The worst thing Will ever did in a hotel - even the sound dept forgets about the sound dept - making movies in hotels - Ethan Hawke’s 2001 was nuts - Uma Thurman Certified™ - right this minute, someone is making a student film in a hotel room - a) did you watch GATTACA in your science class? b) did your teacher awkwardly fast forward past the sex scene? - breaking news, Ethan Hawke is really good - Colors talk, American Vandal talk - GafferCast - the rules of Dogme 95 - Mother!Cast, AronofskyCast - movie countdowns - Indiana JonesCast, the origins of ‘PG-13’ - Indy vs Star Wars - we make peace with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - actors acting-acting - Richard LinklaterCast II - Sum 41 time - Fat Lip, In Too Deep, Motivation music video talk - Sum 41 have the most antics ever - Sum 41 are incredible, @ us until your fingers fall off - creasing your Dickies, Punk Rock FashionCast - growing up within the Pop punk fandom window - Best Buy doesn’t sell music any more, ain’t that some shit - Amoeba is still here, though - is mumble rap fashion the new pop punk fashion?

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