2001 The Podcast
Episode 24

The Mummy Returns and Sinister Urge by Rob Zombie

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Eddie Vasquez - Associate Marketing Manager at Mattel - The Mummy Ride: Hollywood vs Orlando - those goddamn Minions, Super Mario Bros movie talk (a new one!) - Sonic the Hedgehog movie (poster) talk - more movie talk: Detective Pikachu, Mary Poppins - Jurassic Park/World the Ride, Will is scared of JAWS - Don’t bet against Eddie V - No ET ride, no Back to the Future ride, but there’s still a Waterworld stunt show - not enough Rock in this flick, Scorpion King talk - killer opening logos - Robin Williams vs Disney - the many amazing Samuel L Jackson hairpieces - real, live extras - ChefCast, Kurt Cobain talk, Eminem vs MGK - Blowing the lid off the Mummy - Saw extended universe - Alan Silvestri and John Williams appreciation - Brendan Fraser, we miss you and hope you’re doing ok - the many levels of a British accent, the mummys in The Mummy - Destroyer talk, Nicole Kidman appreciation - Forged in FireCast - the insane bodycount of this movie - Brie Larson & Alicia Vikander talk - The Mummy Returns and The Matrix Reloaded, not so different? - d-i-r-i-g-i-b-l-e, The famous CGI of the Scorpion King - Stephen Sommers & Adrian BiddleCast - Tidying Up (but keep your movies and books) - Rob Zombie talk, music video talk - country music makes bank - Marilyn Manson appreciation (yeah you heard us) - latest updates on Limp Bizkit - shut the hell up about your Mid Century furniture

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