2001 The Podcast
Episode 63

The Others and Amnesiac by Radiohead

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Gabe Linkiewicz - Location Sound Mixer - the project that doesn’t exist - sharing horror movie trauma - The Ring on VHS hitting extra hard - bringing back trailer voice over - whisper singing, so hot right now - Nicole Kidman appreciation - Alejandro Amenábar talk - Javier Aquirresarobe resumeCast -  getting that painterly light - Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s eyes wide open - faceCast - getting our wars straight - fashion historyCast - the internet slowly eroding cultural diversity - Vampire Brats - sibling rivalries - contemplating lighthouse sirens - utensil etiquette - ignoring IKEA instructions - the evolution of classy entertainment - photographing dead people - score talk - language lessons - Christopher Eccleston resumeCast - getting our seance on - Bruce Willis, maybe not a fun guy - is The Others a perfect movie? - appreciating a good twist - discount toys - Serenity un-appreciation (the 2019 one) - Radiohead talk - where have all the horns gone? - Guy Ritchie talk - In Rainbows is excellent, don’t @ us - to pay to stream or not to pay to stream - thanks a lot, Apple - no more Turbo - music video talk - Michel Gondry appreciation - spending a lot of effort to appear effortless - XLRs forever - Office Ladies shouts out - nostalgia for old CGI - Don Hertzfield shouts out - it turns out that Ticketmaster blows - Rage Against the MachineCast -  

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