2001 The Podcast
Episode 40

The Pledge and Blake Shelton

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Greg Lucey is a brilliant actor and the voice of 2001 The Podcast - Podcast intro origin stories - we pat ourselves on the back a little - Crackle appreciation and un-appreciation - Friedrich Dürrenmatt talk - The Pledge and Swordfish sharing techniques - Did Benicio do it? - plot breakdown - Coach Bombay knows his ice - a hefty, hefty WatchCast - are millenials killing the time-telling industry? - wristwatch communicators, flying cars, and other dreams not realized - entry level luxury watch talk - smooth transition into CarCast - Sean Penn stories - where have the 90’s chubby kids gone? - actors and their damn perfect teeth, ToothCast general - DP getting his snap zoom on - the amazing camerawork of The Office, focus puller appreciation - Turkeys vs chickens, Aaron Eckhart appreciation - misunderstood dialogue, song lyrics, getting revved up like douches - frontloading boobs in your hit Netflix show - Tom NoonanCast, IsuzuCast - Heat appreciation, Hey serial killers: chill out - Parades and awards shows in movies are nerve-wracking - A Star is Born talk, Rocketman talk - ad breaks today be all willy nilly - Blake Shelton talk - genre gate-keeping, Art Appreciation, sexist beat poets - learning guitar is easy (promise), Breakfast: are you listening? - country music tells stories - 2001 music video looks, ringback tones - country music melancholy - mentioning Old Town Road to push ourselves up those algorithms - skate or die! GoldfingerCast - the olden days of piracy, our first records - our first concerts - CCR origin stories


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