2001 The Podcast
Episode 28

The Royal Tenenbaums and The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most by Dashbaord Confessional

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - John Williams - Filmmaker, not the famous composer - Wes Anderson career talk - Gene Hackman went hard in 2001, we miss him - Owen Wilson’s fringe cowboy jacketCast - Mixing Adidas and Pumas - Vincent Chase doesn’t watch Entourage, but Turtle does - GottiCast, Don’s PlumCast yet again - The Magnificent Ambersons - Robert D Yeoman talk, Bruce Willis showing up (or not) - The Wizard, The Power Glove (it’s so bad), Todd HollandCast - getting rocked by BB guns - that one kid in your elementary school class that was absurdly good at art - we teach you about cell structure and tax brackets - pitching some good Maury Povich episodes - stop giving your DNA away everyone, The IslandCast - inevitable Owen Wilson nose talk - Wes Anderson’s crazy music curation - Party CityCast - Mortecai the bird vs Mortecai the Johnny Depp film - Top notch Gwyneth Paltrow, Brie Larson talk - DestroyerCast, once again, Beach Bum talk - Are Netflix movies really movies? - Wes Anderson vs Hal Ashby, no steadicam zone - trained mice and cockroaches - Terrence MalickCast, Rooney Mara appreciation - (early) Shyamalan appreciation, Birdboxing - movie haircuts, the secret of the Dalmatian mice - dead serious childhood filmmaking - connecting Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and Tim Burton - CarCast, Arrested Development Season 4 editing trickery - don’t do mescaline kids - Dashboard Confessional talk, music video talk - Nick StahlCast, who is the best movie band? - themed Volkswagons, The Dashboard Confessional Honda Civic - MountainbikeCast, All Things Must PassCast, Suncoast and Tower Records memories - SorkinCast

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