2001 The Podcast
Episode 54

The Score and Songs in A Minor by Alicia Keys

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - James Cirenza works at the Academy - the deep Gemini Man discussion that you came here for - tying The Score to the extended universe - James Cameron: unimpressed with HFR - Blank Check shouts out, Tom Cruise charming all of us - how many frames is too many frames? - getting that soft R, dreams of making the next mediocre heist movie - Frank OzCast, Motherless Brooklyn Trailer un-appreciation - Keeping the FaithCast, learning how to burgle IRL - getting high in Canada, Heists and Jazz - scram kids, BMW CarCast, learning French with Will - Marlon Brando is more fun than Frank Oz - the name we can’t think of is Sam Eagle - Louie Anderson: we have a gig for you, Ben Foster talk - Peter Travers review review, watch the Italian Job - Angela Bassett appreciation, finally a feasible movie apartment - Money laundering tips, rating Spidermen, heist stuff - Jamie Harrold appreciation, Gary Farmer talk - movie hacking fun, actually Canada - Aude Bronson Howard - suit master - gaming the system (for a little while), don’t become a high end thief - Alicia Keys talk, no more megastars - Moonlight Sonata youtube comment section is going off - ElephantCast, talking The Office - music video talk - don’t throw away your cargo pants, 2001 fashion hacks - the downfall of TRL, talking color temperatures - Little/Director X resumeCast, Peter Gallagher talk - Alicia Keys: walking down a street & wearing hats - Parasite careful anticipation, where is the Music Video Internet Database?

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