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TIME MACHINE EPISODE: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

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You read the title correctly. Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa found a temporary time portal to 2019 and it was with the help of past, present, future guest Taylor Mahony. The time portal closes very quickly, but Taylor took us to the cinema and showed us the final form that has been achieved of the great 2001 motion picture The Fast and The Furious - no one is wearing a seatbelt in this franchise - trailer talk: Star Wars, Tenet - in defense of Episode 7’s decisions - talking popcorn tricks, Intro logo talk - David Leitch resumeCast, RockTalk - the non-sounds of electric cars - Idris Elba doesn’t want to be James Bond - Mission ImpossibleCast, movie virus talk - action scene talk, Ryan ReynoldsCast - WatchCast, we pitch the ultimate Hobbs & Shaw spinoff - Hot Ones appreciation, hot sauce horror stories - food: it’s good, we float Statham as a Bond - Game of Thrones final season un-appreciation, CarCast - Wanted appreciation, wardrobe talk, Rob Delaney talk - Bowling Ball talk, getting that pin carry - what’s with all the 2 hour movies? - Tyler Bates resumeCast, the people’s eyebrow in HD - Universal Studios: worth an off-peak visit - thigh fighting, tying Hobbs and Shaw to Mission Impossible - looking cool while repelling, cell phones in movies are lame - breaking down the F&F timeline - plane seatcast, LAX un-appreciation - trying to solve the aviation industry - trying to solve the redhead industry - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood appreciation - Cliff Curtis resumeCast - Time portal closes and we are thrust back to 2001

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