2001 The Podcast


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You read the title correctly. Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa found a temporary time portal to 2019 and it was with the help of Maggie Olbrich, Anastasia Washington, Emalee Burditt of the Nerd Up or Shut Up podcast. The time portal closes very quickly, so listen to it before we get sent back to the year 2001. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- Nerd Up or Shut Up & 2001 The Podcast COMBOCAST - The Favorite talk, Golden Globes category trickery - Space scares the hell out of us - talking Glass, eventually - Tribbles, Octocat - Remembering Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan - Bruce WillisCast - Being hard on Eli Roth, wondering if we should be hard on TJ Miller - Spilt: romance of the year? James McAvoy is HOT - What it takes to be a serial killer in the modern age, Serial KillerCast - SuburbiconCast - James McAvoy Appreciation, please let Jordan Peele do Gargoyles - Mike GCast, It FollowsCast, Horror movie rules - Digital Sputnik talk, sneaking real cameras into your movie scenes - Maggie goes to town on dodgy mental institute practices - Infinity War spoilerCast, Tom Holland Appreciation, Rihanna 70% appreciation - Neil Wilson appreciation - Simultaneous Village appreciation and unappreciation - stories from the projection booth - 35mm film appreciation, cuddling with celluloid, PretentiousCast - watching youtube videos with zero views - no one understands the Matrix sequels, stop pretending - sleeping through Star Wars, seeing Robin Hood and not remembering - Phantom MenaceCast, somehow - Samuel L Jackson loves purple - porn is on the internet, if you don’t believe us go check

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