2001 The Podcast
Episode 69

TIME MACHINE EPISODE: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

2001 The Podcast published on

You read the title correctly. Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa found a temporary time portal to 2019 and it was with the help of past, present, future guest Dan Berget. The time portal closes very quickly, but Dan gave us his prime video password and showed us the final form that has been achieved of the great 2001 motion picture Jay and Silent Bob Strike back that has now been rebooted. trailer overload - special Jay and Silent Bob screenings - Fletch and Blank Check - logo overload - a lot of people produced this flick - Liz Destro resumeCast - Life After Beth & Little Hours appreciation - Zack and Miri appreciation - cocksmoking - David DastmalchianCast -  Nathan for You talk - How High talk - defining a ‘stoner movie’ - Tron Legacy appreciation - Claudio Mirana appreciation - Rom Coms on film - Crazy Stupid Love appreciation - The Squeaquel - remembering Fred - Will DaRosa, multi-millionaire - cramped airplanes - Ralph Garman appreciation - ‘like’ farms - Fred Armisen does drum comedy - Matt Damon - Cannonball Running - Shannon Elizabeth appreciation - Harley Quinn, throwing down - Maya Hawke talke - Sofia CoppolaCast - talking cameos - tax games - the perks of shooting in LA - shows you don’t tell people you watch - being Hank Moody - Point Break talk - Kathryn Bigelow appreciation - Hollywood Florida, porn hotspot - The OC - Thor tummy - Sonic appreciation - Jason Mewes sightings - Joe Reitman, busiest man in Hollywood - learning what denouement means - Jersey Girl appreciation - fuck count 

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