2001 The Podcast
Episode 7

Training Day and Iowa by Slipknot

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - John Albrecht (the secret man you don’t know exists in Hollywood) - Denzel Washington talk - Detective Alonzo Harris, the Jack Sparrow of Downtown Los Angeles - Al Pacino, we give you permission to be old - Training day plot talk - ComptonCast - Ethan Hawk, lookin good - Heath Ledger Cast - References to Heat, Richard secretly hopes no one asks him if he’s seen it - Cameos and cameos - Noel Gugliemi plays a gangster again - No one needs to worry about Jim Carrey (still) - Film scoring talk - Video game depictions in movies - Book of Henry is at least a good *looking* movie - Heisler Beer - David Ayer Cast, inevitable Suicide Squad Cast, Batman Cast - Henry Cavill’s mustache - to recommend, or to not recommend? - Papillon the movie - Papillon the dog breed - Slipknot talk - placing Slipkot into the metal hierarchy - Downhill Domination Cast - The first First Things Durst - No one needs to worry about Fred Durst - Dark Crimes Cast 2, general Jim Carrey Cast - St Anger Cast, Metallica DrumGate - WWE/WWF Cast - Corporate Satan

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