2001 The Podcast
Episode 61

Waking Life and All For You by Janet Jackson

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Jessica Star - Creative Producer - Waking Life stories - hiding at lunch time in high school - dreamCast - Science of Sleep tepid appreciation - talking nightmares - The OA appreciation and un-appreciation - dream hacks - hot dates with Leo - Richard LinklaterCast - Ethan Hawke talk - AV clubbin - running around New York - special guest Lola - Sony MiniDV talk - getting a bead on FPJ - Devon SawaCast - acid tripping - expired movie codes - Vanilla Sky appreciation - everyone in 2001 is dreaming and dying - Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are really, really really good looking - we love Jim Carrey but he seems like a lot - boat carCast - Ethan Hawke and Alex Jones, flying out of the screen - Alex Jones talk, unfortunately - are you a first round human or an old soul? - phobia talk - California people don’t go in the ocean - the many eras of Michael Jackson - MJ songs are actually pretty good - talking boobs - making the Janet Jackson Dennis Rodman Sublime connection - music video talk - everyone dancing in 2001 - Razor tricks - Janet getting too horny for us - a tasteful amount of Klump - Ab game strong - Heul is gross - supertasting - Discipline: we don’t have it -  cheating the donut game - everyone has a damn podcast 

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