2001 The Podcast
Episode 37

Wet Hot American Summer and Since I Left You by The Avalanches

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Guest - Erik Zornes - Netflix actually comes through! AlgorithmCast - Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series mild appreciation - CastCast, Freaks and Geeks mega appreciation - Freaks and Geeks is to Rage Against the Machine as Undeclared is to Audioslave - Looking back on Napoleon Dynamite, gosh - tonal madness, film appreciation - real life camp counselor debauchery - Parent Trap talk (the LiLo one) - evaluating the feasibility of electric guitars in the outdoors - David Hyde Pierce appreciation - foley hijinks, Wilhelm scream count - real life breakdowns are funny, but not *funny* - Christopher Meloni in his whole own movie, Bobs Burgers appreciation - shouts out to Nick Munroe and Boomer & The Dave at KWOD 106.5 - never find out what your radio DJ’s look like - the barista armpiece, Amy Poehler IRL is good people - pondering the doubleneck guitar - How about Bradley Cooper? - A Star is Born appreciation (AMC get at us) - managing hype expectations - Blank CheckCast, Nancy MyersCast, missing the big budget RomCom - vicariously traveling through Crazy Rich Asians - the famous Bradley Cooper Actor’s Studio, Paul Rudd appreciation - Avengers Endgame spoiler dodging, movie theater strategizing - we continue our campaign for an AMC A-List sponsorship - Room without 'The' - Alita: Battle Angel appreciation, Captain Marvel appreciation - hey film students, what’s on your dorm wall? - Suicide SquadCast, Roman Vasyanov appreciation, Shazaam talk - film studio release schedule fatigue, The Dark Universe talk - Tome Cruise is Ethan Hunt - reminiscing about flipping someone off to say hello - Molly ShannonCast, Observe and ReportCast - Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum *spoilers*, Superman talk - Costume designers, get at us - The Death of Superman Lives talk, First Daughtercast - making a movie, even a bad one, is really (really) hard - Boating IRL, Elizabeth Banks vs a drowning kid - One Bite, everyone knows the rules, messy kissing - no shirts in the 80’s baby, the psychology of the tank top - who’s fucking? nobody :-( - Korean business card etiquette, Business CardCast - skewing the results of the great penis survey - it’s GIF - talking The Avalanches - Since I Left You - life in Fairbanks, Alaska, burning the gapless CD - we ponder our listener age range, font talk - PlunderphonicsCast, Girl Talk talk - Gob and Goss origin stories, Will was there the day music died - remembering the days of the Mash-Up - how to stand at band shows, Mosh pit talk general - AMC Stubscast, stop bringing your shitty little kids to R movies - out of control NoHo theaters - Alaskans with great taste in music (terrible internet, though) - Sleeping on and at libraries, Hoopla talk - Will fixes the broken karaoke system 

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