2001 The Podcast
Episode 18

Y Tu Mamá También (Explicit Content) and The Blueprint by Jay-Z

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Guest - Travis Lynch - filmmaker - this episode is E X P L I C I T - Watch the film first because the content discussed is extremely explicit - this film is one of the hardest rated-R films of the year 2001 - y Travis, tambien - immediate TransformersCast - the one time Richard worked at a video store that got shut down cause of money laundering (we think) - Alfonso Cuaron talk - Richard successfully answers a Harry Potter question without giving an essay on it - Paris Je T’aime > New York, I Love You - Mr Harmony, Harmony Korine talk - The TerminalCast - Merkin talk - Larry Clark, Ken Park talk - talking trash about Bakersfield - unsexualized sex - If tomorrow was today would today be yesterday? - Uptight Westerners don’t beat off together - 2001: the Podcast is still Not Scared of Tangents™ - Americans are getting hosed on cell phone technology, American ExceptionalismCast - The film industry is just manual labor with more Starbucks runs, sexy Health Insurance talk - SicarioCast, The Three Amigos, Shots Fired City - Star WarsCast - Y Tu Mama Tambien is nacho-safe viewing, pee techniques, Maribel Verdu appreciation - Will this movie put your partner in the mood? - Call Me by Your NameCast, what a waste of a peach - Y 2 Mama Tambien - attempting to play Fortnite in our advanced ages - Hey Moviepass, we use you and like you - The Blueprint, we get our awful Jay Z impressions out at the top - Hypersoul talk - the track Richard is trying to think of is Dirt Off Your Shoulder - shots fired at Wyoming heads, desert cowboy hipsters - making sick beats - hopefully Bruce Willis isn’t listening - dictators and rappers are sensitive - P Diddy is hella rich, somehow, Beef Talk with MGK and Eminem - Jay Z giving birth to Kanye - Music video inside baseball with Will, Mark Romanek, Rick Rubin talk - Hop Hop videos are awesome these days - high school morning announcement reminiscing, past and future guest Scott Sanborn appreciation - when TRL stopped showing full length videos, music video acting - Does J Lo still look good? (yes, duh) - early 2000’s filesharing, the infamous Bill Clinton clip - Will teases some sick coversongs - Drake’s flying Ferrari and basketball contest - Kayne is everything, everywhere

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