2001 The Podcast
Episode 17

Zoolander and Now That's What I Call Music! 6

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Max Margolin - cinematographer - Ben Stiller rocks, who else saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? - Ektachrome talk - the ONLY Jordan PeeleCast you’re going to get - Zoolander 2 talk - big crowd scenes, makeup tiers for Walking Dead zombie extras - Indiana JonesCast, Oscar Flubbin - long live the high concept comedy - talkin iMacs - endless cameos and needledrops, real explosions - East Bound and Down talk, pause this podcast and go watch - YoYoCast, Razor ScooterCast - Remembering VH1, Kanye fashion origin stories - Are you the Hank Moody or Fox Mulder generation? - Ballers, Entourage, Californication, the trifecta of guilty watching - Glamorama, Bret Easton Ellis talk - Now! talk, Max Martin has some money - terrestrial radio station talk - music video breakdowns: Britney, N Sync, ATC, J.Lo, Destiny’s Child, Shaggy, R Kelly, BSB, Evan and Jaron, Coldplay, Lenny Kravtiz, Fuel, Creed, Incubus, U2, Everclear - Jonathan Glazer appreciation, was N Sync responsible for Inception? - What’s Shaggy up to these days? R Kelly before R Kelly - Boyband talk - GoopCast, Conscious Uncoupling, where to put jade stones - Kate McKinnon appreciationCast, SNL talk - Richard outs himself as a Coldplay fan to our billions of listeners - Lenny Kravitz, goddamn rockstar, Levi’s salesman - is a soul patch not a soul patch when paired with a goatee? - Jonas Aukerland talk, our varying enthusiasm for close up tongue kissing - we play the Youtube view count game, you’ll never guess what happens next! Coldplay - 307m, NSync - 177m, All Around the World - 133m, BSB - 128m, Lenny - 123m, U2 - 119m, Creed - 98m, Britney - 90m, J Lo - 89m, Incubus - 83m, R Kelly - 49m, KC Jojo - 41m, Destinys Child - 37m, Fuel - 21m, Evan Jaron - 1.8m, All Around the World - had to skip it

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