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Episode 2

Studying while Working: Getting a Balance in all Life Aspects

Stacy Marshall published on

When you are working and studying at the same time, a lot of obstacles could come your way. In addition to balancing between work and studies, you will also need to take care of your social life, find time for your hobbies, family and friends too. all these can be overwhelming. Here are some practical tips to help you find some balance in all aspects of your life.

Develop a Plan
The reason why life’s events overwhelm us is mostly due to lack of planning. When you have no strategy, you keep on procrastinating things you can do now to later. Determine how many hours of work you need to put in to meet your financial bligation and commit enough time for that. Set targets as to how soon you want to accomplish your studies and how flexible you want your schedule to be. Have enough time for rest and set aside some regular time to engage in things you love doing. Set goals related to your responsibilities and ambitions and develop a realistic strategy to accomplish them.

Have a Schedule
Scheduling is important. Once you strategize and have a plan on what you want to achieve, include the when. Keep an up-to-date calendar on upcoming events. List your work deadlines on it, homework due and submission dates, travel, family occasions, birthdays and any other thing you need to bear in mind. A schedule will help you to not overlook any event and to also know when to accept further engagements lest you bite more than you can chew.  

Be Smart about it
While working hard is bound to get you the ultimate results, you will likely get too exhausted. You can achieve the same desired results by working smarter instead of harder. Schedule for sudden crises at work and last minute study requirements to allow you adjust in case of an emergency. To help you in studying, record lectures and listen to them when commuting. Opt to tackle your homework during your spare time as opposed to doing it at night when you should be sleeping. To cut down on time spent moving from class and work, opt to live and study close to your workplace.

Avoid Distractions
Distractions are great time wasters. Learn to say no to anything that sucks up your energy and time when necessary. If it doesn’t add value to your life, leave it. Other than people, online platforms can serve as a source of distraction. When you set to study or work, turn off your social media notifications. Do not use the phone unless you need to use it to make or receive a call.

Get Help
If you still can’t seem to get things to work out, try and get some help. Talk to your employer about getting on flexitime or taking a few days off. You could also get help with your studies.a lot of online sites are willing to offer different kinds of services such as help with essay writing, giving webassign answers, and help with homework among others.


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