3rd World Airports
Episode 20

The bigger threat: ISIS or Russia?

Adam Ginsburg published on

Which poses a bigger threat: ISIS or Russia? Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain recently made waves with his assertion that Russia poses a larger threat to American democracy than ISIS. Daniel Mancusi and Adam Ginsburg, in a contentious (yet mannerly) debate, go head-to-head in opposition of that claim. Also included in the tendrils of that debate is the hypocrisy of both the left and right in recent years over their various stances on Russia. Later in the podcast (8:26), we also debate about Wonderwoman also being shown in select theaters to a female-only audience.  At 17:15, we discuss Trump's labelling of Germany as "very bad" on trade and the relative implications for our alliance with Germany. Lastly, we touch upon Donald Trump's "shoving" of a foreign minister on his foreign tour (24:28). Hope you enjoy it, please comment, and stay tuned for more episodes!

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