3rd World Airports
Episode 23

Uber Everywhere? Jindal 2020?

Adam Ginsburg published on

Is the reinstatement of part of the 'travel ban' actually a win for President Trump? Who are the best candidates for a 2020 presidential ticket? How should Westchester County regulate ridesharing services? And is Donald Trump acting hypocritcally regarding Russia? 

Eastchester Republican District 2 Leader Brendan Eckstein joins host Adam Ginsburg for a lively discussion on the Supreme Court's partial reinstatement of Donald Trump's 'travel ban,' possible 2020 presidential tickets, the fight to regulate Uber and other ridesharing services in Westchester, and Donald Trump's controversial tweets on Obama's handling of Russian election meddling. It's a fun episode, with lots of back and forth! Please don't be afraid to share your thoughts!

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