410wned Podcast
Episode 55

Episode 55: Japanese Reasons

410wned Gaming published on

The gang starts off with a Jack vs. Kev review of Quantum Break. Sorry, actually, let me start over. We start the show with the best and most awkward take 2 ever. Take 1 was a snore fest (I guess you can watch The Big Short if you want the gist). Then someone, whose name rhymes with Mackey Singers, saved us with a major snafu. We took a cue from the new release, rewound time and started over. Probably Matt's best nostalgic musing ever. Kev also played the Final Fantasy Platinum Demo. Matt shows Dak that Youtube is more Netflix and Hulu, than just fight and twerk videos. The Division is finally full on tackled. Is it a winner with the group? Also, we talk about the last PS2 server being taken offline and how badass (In Jack's voice) the console was. Take a listen to excellence.

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