410wned Podcast
Episode 72

Episode 72: We Finished Inside. Pro Indie Life!

410wned Gaming published on

This week's show we delve into the Zelda-like indie game everyone is talking about, Hyper Light Drifter. Couch coop is sorely missed by us all. Is there anything, besides a total network outage, that can bring the good old days back to our living rooms? In our new weekly topic, this week's Hyperthetical involves crescent wrenches, collar bones, and Layne Staley of Alice and Chains. And finally, as the title suggest, we all finished Inside...the game...you gutter-minded troll. We kick back and share our theories and interpretations as to what it all means. We have all of that and still figure out a way to talk about We Happy Few and The Killing Joke.

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