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Episode 4

Sasha Grey's Zelda pre-order

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Episode 4: Sasha Grey's Zelda pre-order


After a very lame attempt at an April Fool's prank, we jump right into our weekly presentation of our vidja game escapades. Courtesy of Matt, we touch on EA Sports UFC and Lords of the Fallen, then retouch The Handsome Collection as Tom returns this week to weigh in with his impressions of the remastered series. As for other things happening in the world of gaming, we discuss possibilities of parents being fined and/or arrested for letting minors play 18+ games, because the UK is not OK with that. What is power save mode? Does it save power? Find the answers to these questions and more shenanigans as we wildin' out without Big Daddy D to keep us in line. Get ready to force feed your ear holes with another double dose of debauchery, 410wned style!

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