410wned Podcast
Episode 7

Shoot the Shit with the Devil Auto-Tune

410wned Gaming published on

Episode 7: The 410wned crew shoot the shit this week and happen to discuss a few things. Dak is hooked on a card strategy game, of all things, and is seeking help from Kevin on his addiction. Both, Kevin and Jack, tackle the PS Plus freebies of April. Matt gushes over the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. On the other hand he explains why it is not a definitive version and why any game without one simple feature is not a definitive edition. Oh yeah, around the 1:28:00 mark, no need to adjust your ears and, no, Jack did not transform into a demon. Audio woes still plague us, but the group carries on because we now see the light at the end of tunnel. For this week, that light is called House of Wolves.

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