90 Under 90
Episode 100

Revenge of the Nerds

90 Under 90 published on

It's our 100th official episode of 90 Under 90 this week, which means absolutely nothing for a show based on the number 90!  

Patrick Lewandowski returns to the show to talk about the elusive "Revenge of the Nerds" directed by Jeff Kanew, a movie that is NOWHERE to be found (as of this recording).  Back in 1984, before nerd culture was all the rage, nerds were the outcasts, the losers, the ones who were forced to rape women if they wanted ANY kind of sexual experience.  We talk about the problematic elements of this movie as well as its cultural significance on modern day.  Featuring performances by Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, John Goodman, and Booger Presley on his guitar.

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