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Episode 11

Episode 11

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On this week's episode, Alex and Brandon chat, then Alex and Michael chat, then Alex and Brandon chat some more. First up, Alex unboxes the newest Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty subscription box from Funko, which is all about Bounty Hunters this month. Then Alex introduces a new segment for the show going forward, the ABC's of Geekdom. After covering the usual topics from last show, some Pop! vinyl stuff, a Star Wars correction, even more Tsum Tsum, a few Assassin's Creed things, and addressing some stuff from a listener email, Alex and Brandon get to a little bit of news. Then, Michael returns to the show to give his take on recent developments with Captain America and to breakdown the newly released and highly anticipated DC Rebirth. There are some minor spoilers, but it's only the first issue, so there will be plenty of surprises to come and the first big reveal is a doozy, so you will definitely want to hear it. After that, Brandon returns to talk about some new movie trailers, and the boys give their lists of their top 5 underrated cartoons, so if you're looking for some hidden gems to watch during your summer break, then stay tuned for that. As per usual, there are a few emails and a brand new Fan Fic Fights segment. Last but certainly not least, Alex announces his movie pick for everyone to watch and discuss, which is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We will be talking al about it in 2 weeks, so makes sure to watch it and email us before then!

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Check them both out, they make amazing music!

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