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Episode 23

Episode 23

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On this week's episode, Alex and Vincent chat while the Fire Nation attacks.

Brandon is still busy with life this week, so Alex managed to find some people willing to put up with him for a few hours. Vincent returns to the show along with Robyn (sort of) and new guest Jasmine to talk about all kinds of nerdy things. After a highly controversial ABC's of Geekdom segment, Alex launches into corrections from the previous week, including The Hunger Games, Sherlock, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Joy, Aqualad, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Narnia, The Mechanic Resurrection, Moana, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Resident Evil, lots of Pokémon stuff, Arrow, Ghost Rider, Suicide Squad, and Assault on Arkham.

After that, the gang talks about the news from the past week, including a new animated Batman movie, Harley Quinn and Deadshot coming to Injustice 2, Kenny Baker's death, Natalie Portman leaving the MCU, a new Marvel series coming to Hulu, even more Pokémon news, Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2, casting for The Flash TV show, Cyborg appearing in The Flash movie, a new take on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, an animated Godzilla movie, and a new character coimg to Arrow.

With the news taken care of, Alex gets to do a segment he's waited a long time for, Everything Wrong With The Legend of Korra (major spoilers from around 2:02:48-2:32:00). The intrepid trio talks about all the things they didn't like with Nickelodeon's disappointing follow up to the beloved Last Airbender series, as well as the few things they did like. Tempers flare more than an Agni Kai under Sozin's Comet, so you don't want to miss that. Last but not least, they close out the show with a listener email and a rock 'em sock 'em Fan Fic Fights.

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