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Episode 27

Episode 27

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On this week's episode, Alex and Brandon chat about the dab to end all dabs.

Despite being weary from many weeks of tireless work, Alex has not let that from bringing the adoring fans quality content, and this week is no exception. After giving a shoutout to some new listeners, Alex chooses this week's letter for the ABC's of Geekdom segment, which they talk about until their watch is ended. After that, Alex goes over corrections from last week, including the Invisible Jet, A Song of Ice and Fire, Pikachu, American Dragon Jake Long, pseudo legendary Pokémon, Todd Snap, Spider-Man movies, Shia LeBeouf, MCU end credits scenes, Brandon misspeaking, Deathstroke, and Captain America.

The boys then cover a bit of news before taking their break, including a new casting announcement for Pacific Rim 2, the official announcement of Mission Impossible 6, and two new comic announcements from Marvel. After the break, they cover even more news from the past week including a new trailer for Moana, more Pokémon news, Star Trek Discovery being delayed, a Stan Lee action-adventure biopic, Black Panther as an anti-hero in his upcoming movie, Benicio Del Toro potentially starting in a new Predator movie, and Mister Sinister appearing in the next Wolverine movie. After all of the relevant news have been covered, the boys have a discussion about some of their favorite scores in movies and how they enhance the movie watching experience.

Speaking of movie watching experiences, Brandon has decided that the next movie for us to watch and discuss is Gladiator. This is an excellent movie with lots of gore, so while both Alex and Brandon highly recommend it, think twice about watching it if you are not a fan of bloodshed. We will be discussing that in two weeks, so make sure to watch and send in your thoughts on the movie before then.

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