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Episode 35

Episode 35

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On this week's episode, Alex and Brandon chat in astral projection form.

Brandon decided to finally make some time for the podcast, but his lovely attitude hasn't changed one bit. After catching up on their lives, they start things off by opening a plethora of packages, including the Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Death Star box, the DC Legion of Collectors Batman Villains box, and a mystery package from Josh of Toys for Games. Head over to Alex's Twitter account to see a Periscope of the event and an extra video-only surprise!

With all of his new goodies in hand, Alex then moves on the this week's ABC's of Geekdom segment and talks about a British chap with a hankering for cheese. Next, they get into corrections from the previous show, including Alex's Doctor Strange t-shirt, Funko subscription box mugs, Alex's Doctor Strange Pop!, Titus Andromedon, Ursula on Once Upon a Time, the last TMNT movie, Silver Banshee, Psychic Terrain, Bucky's favorite fruit, Perfect Couples, Princess Nine, Nyssa al Ghul, the CW, Jamie Campbell Bower, Zack Snyder, Kismet, the MCU lineup, Pokkén Tournament, the Flash movie, Rambo, Cillian Murphy, Inception, Aladdin, Something Borrowed, Mighty Ducks 2, Robocop 3, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and an update to a previous Fan Fic Fight.

After the break, they come back and talk about the most important news in the podcast's history; the return of Young Justice. After much rejoicing and revels, they go on to talk about a couple trailers, Underworld: Blood Wars and Valerian. Next, they cover the news from the past week, including Pokémon leaks from Coro Coro, the title of Pacific Rim 2, Tom Holland's future in the MCU, Michael Keaton's role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the robot of the X-Men franchise, Deadpool 3, a Ubisoft Netflix series, two new actors for Jurassic World 2, and a live action Voltron movie. For the feature topic this week, the boys give their reviews of the newest movie to the MCU, Doctor Strange (spoilers from 1:25:45-2:11:30). After answering a couple of listener emails, they finish up the show with an all new Fan Fic Fights between two very colorful adversaries.

Finally, Brandon has chosen the next movie for us to all watch and discuss, and his pick this time is Lincoln. So get out your stovepipe hats and come back in two weeks ready to talk about a civil war that doesn't involve a man in tights and a man in a flying suit.

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