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Episode 45

Episode 45

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On this week's episode, Alex and Brandon chat in obnoxious cartoon voices.

Alex is on death's door, but he still managed to work up enough energy to bring you a new podcast. After some obligatory talk about the Super Bowl and sports, they kick things off by opening the newest Smugglers Bounty box from Funko. Then Alex launches into his ABC's of Geekdom choice for this week, discussing one of his favorite Nintendo franchises. After that, they cover a few corrections from last week's show, including National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Jason Momoa's bloodlust, some confusion about Greek and Roman gods, Jacob Tremblay's non-Oscar nomination, the many variations of the batarang, the history of the Tekken franchise, John Hurt's role in the Doctor Who franchise, and two movies Naomi Watts starred in last year.

After the break, the boys cover a few new videos, including a new promo for the LEGO Batman movie, the reveal of Black Canary for Injustice 2, and the final trailer for the live action Beauty and the Beast. Then they cover a bit of news, including Temuera Morrison playing Aquaman's father, Nicole Kidman potentially playing Aquaman's mother, the casts for the upcoming Marvel series The Runaways and Cloak and Dagger, Mantis coming to Infinity War, a new director for the second LEGO movie, Dennis Villenueve directing the Dune remake, and Ben Affleck stepping down as the director of The Batman. Then the boys talk about some more of their favorite voice actors, and make some shocking discoveries on the voices of some of their favorite characters. Then they wrap up the show with an all new Fan Fic Fights where aim is everything.

Finally, we will be talking all about the movie Neighbors next week, so make sure to drink plenty of alcohol, watch the movie, and then let us know what you thought.

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