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Podcast Update 2

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On this week's not-episode, Alex and Robyn chat about even more life.

Hey folks. Again. Sadly, I still havn't been able to record another real episode of the podcast since last June. And as you'll hear right at the beginning of this quick(ish) update, this was recorded in January, but I'm just now getting to editing and uploading it, which is a testament to how busy my life has been. But, I still consue lots of media and still have lots of thoughts about it, and on the off chance somebody might find those thoughts interesting, I thought I would share them. So settle in for an hour of me talking to myself with more Hot Takes than I care to list out. Then at the end of the show, my lovely wife Robyn joins me for a Fan Fic Fight that manages to turn up the heat.

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ntro Music: Metal guitar cover of Dr. Wiley's Castle Theme from Mega Man 2 by Nirreman Feat. Lee Duffy

Outro Music: Guitar cover of Staff Roll Theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker by CSGuitar89 Check them both out, they make amazing music!

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