A Champions Mind
Episode 77

Learn the Alphabet

Utmost Performance Arroyave published on

In this podcast episode I break down a quote from Epictetus in his book Discourses. The quote explains a critical principle if we are to perform at a high level given the fact that situations and circumstances are ever changing. 

Here is the quote:‘Tell me what to write whenever I’m presented with a name.’ If I say ‘John’ and then someone else comes along and gives him ‘Jane’ instead of ‘John’ to write, what is going to happen? How is he going to write it? If you have learned your letters, though, you are ready for anything anyone dictates. If you are not prepared, I don’t know what I should tell you to do. Because there may be events that call for you to act differently – and what will you do or say then? So hold on to this general principle8 and you won’t need specific advice.

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