A Loose Five
Episode 8

Dan Kapr - "I sunk it into Ask Jeeves!"

Wampus Reynolds published on

A Loose Five, the podcast on standup comedy, gets a dollop of sweetness from Baltimore baby boy Dan Kapr!.. Andy Kindler in this week's joke gets sarcastic AND nonsensical! So host Wampus Reynolds and the eponymous podcast host of Dan Has Jokes use this joke as a launching pad to talk about how it relates to their comedy.

Subjects include:

Timeless references!

Trendy references!

Being broke!


Dumb crowd members!

Bit lengths!


The nature of offensiveness!

Hari Kondabolu!

Open mics!

Experience vs. Critique!

The perception of money in comedy!


We love Nanette!

The Louvre!

Ivy Leaguers!

What does it mean to be successful in comedy?

Tertiary markets!

OKC is the best!

No, Baltimore is!

Find Dan Kapr on Twitter at @danhasjokes. His podcast is Dan Has Jokes. 

Find Wampus on Twitter at @wampusreynolds.

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