A Loose Five
Episode 7

Joe Bates "Yes, applause is always an appropriate response to humor!"

Wampus Reynolds published on

A Loose Five, the podcast on standup comedy, gets that Midwestern insight on standup we so desperately needed.. Andy Kindler gets an applause break with this week's joke. And host Wampus Reynolds and comedian Joe Bates use that as a launching pad to talk about all things unserious.

Topics include

Trigger warning for those who don't want to hear a cancer joke!

Liner notes!

Kill Tony!

Comedians in the back!

The best advice in comedy ever!

Medium energy!

Meta Humor and who should do it!

Descartes vs. Sartre

The inherent flaw of philosophy!

Mid-century clocks!

Who our dads like!

British accents!

The weaknesses of roasts!

Pale Imitations!

The origins of standup!

The best monologue joke Joe has written!

Find Joe Bates on Instagram and Twitter at @joebatescomedy. His podcast is Rank You Very Much. 

Find Wampus on Twitter at @wampusreynolds.


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