Episode 20

Podcast 20: Complete Detailing Steps with Jason Rose

Larry Kosilla published on

Jason Rose and I discuss the order of steps typically used during a "full detail". I have received many emails in the past few weeks asking if "wheels should be washed before or after the paint" and "when should I shampoo the carpet, before of after leather cleaning?". All of which is dicussed on this podcast! 

Many thanks to JR for all of his time and wisdom. We are very lucky to have him as a regular guest. -L 

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  • Taylor Morrison

    Loved this podcast!, took a crap-load of notes! (Many, many A4 Pages) Really loved that focus on the interior cleaning especially the roof liner because im always one to avoid cleaning it if i can.
    Ive been operating as a business for 2 years and even though a lot of the processes mentioned are what i follow already, i really liked being able to know that the big time pros do it the same as myself, it means i know im on the right path!
    Going to be keeping my eye out for more !
    Thanks from Australia and "Taylored Automotive Detailing and Custom!"