Episode 27

Podcast 27: How to Detail in a Drought, Emblem Polishing, and FB Questions Answered

Larry Kosilla published on

I'm hanging with the boys from NXT Training in California talking about how to detail in drought conditions, how to polish paint around emblems, and we answer FB questions from our listeners. Hope you enjoy! 

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  • Kelvin Tso

    I figured out a quick way to calculate water use when washing the car. Time how long it takes to fill up the 5gal bucket, let's say it takes 1 minute, then regulate how many 5gal intervals you need when rinsing. 60gal would take up 10 minutes of active rinsing (taking 2 5gal buckets into account for 2 bucket method). 10 minutes is quite alot, but not as much as taking a shower.